Thursday, August 7, 2014

Office Escapes: Aromas Edition

One thing that I just can't deal with is sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight. I get super antsy and I have to get up and walk around at least every few hours. August is a very slow time around the office, so I've kind of been going crazy this week because I have fewer meetings, there are fewer people physically in the building, and things are just way too quiet.

Prompted by this recent article saying that you work better if you get up and take a walk at 2pm, I decided to take my own short 2pm stroll yesterday afternoon. I first walked around the block, but then stopped in at Aromas for a latte.

I love Aromas. And so does basically everyone from my office. We actually joke that one of my coworkers should be an Aromas shareholder because he goes there probably multiple times per day.

Usually I will just get regular black coffee (which is great), but I felt that I needed something more exciting to keep me in the zone at work yesterday. I ended up deciding to order a Snickers latte made with almond milk. The Snickers latte is kind of a ridiculous drink - there are so many different flavor syrups happening (chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel) that you can barely even taste the espresso. But if you're into that sort of thing, it's amazing.

There was actually so much whipped cream on my drink that the lid wouldn't fit, so I had to make a pit stop on the back patio before I could walk back to the office with my drink.

But OH MY GOODNESS doesn't that look amazing?

Wallet: Calvin Klein (old, but similar here)

Successful office escape. I might make this short 2pm walk a regular thing. Other places on my list: Blackbird Bakery, Wythe Candy Shop, Berrybody Frozen Yogurt, Mad About Chocolate.

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