Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birthday Month Wishlist

It's August. That means my birthday is just around the corner. I expect this one to be quite the amazing day (it's my 21st birthday and it's happening on a Saturday), but really the things I'm hoping to get are not that exciting. Well, maybe not exciting by normal 21st birthday standards. I happen to think these things are very exciting.

1. Charming Charlie - Bi-Color Bangle Set - Cute, right? And only $13.00!
2. Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton - So I've heard mixed reviews about this one. But still, it's Hillary Clinton and she's awesome and I want to read it.
3. Moon and Lola - Monogram Coffee Mug - I love monograms and I love coffee mugs.
4. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso - I have heard nothing but incredible things about this book. Plus how could you not want to read about an awesome female entrepreneur? Yes please.
5. Programmable Crock Pot - My favorite season is fall. Not only because I love fall fashion, but also because I love cold-weather foods. Me getting a crock pot = me making chili all the time. We need it.
6. J. Crew Factory - Quilted Puffer Vest - Last year, I bought this in navy blue and wore it everywhere. This summer, the day the vests were posted on the J. Crew Factory site, I sprung for the much-coveted herringbone vest. Really though, I want this vest in just every single color possible.
7. Express - High Waist Full Midi Skirt - I've been really into longer skirts lately. Maybe it's a "becoming an adult thing." Or maybe I have always liked them but never owned them. I don't know. But when I saw this skirt in a post on Poor Little It Girl, I immediately knew it would be a go-to for fall.
8. Preppy Pink Shop - Lilly Pulitzer I Herd You Skirt - Preppy Pink Shop is one of my recent favorites. I've purchased two skirts from her and am obsessed with both of them. I've been wanting to spring for one of her Lilly skirts for a while now. So perhaps birthday time is the right time.

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