Saturday, August 9, 2014

Coffee and Books - What More Could You Want?

Being at the beach is a lot of fun, but one of the struggles that I consistently have is the feeling of being super remote and not having easy access to anything beyond what's in the beach house. (Seriously, I am such a city person.) Luckily, there's a nice little shopping area not too far from the house we're staying in. And by "not too far" I actually mean within walking distance. Super ideal. Most importantly, I discovered that there is a coffee shop within walking distance of the beach house. Score.

We decided to make the 1.5 mile walk out to Duck's Cottage and it was definitely a great choice.

This place not only has coffee, but also books!!! Books and coffee are basically my two favorite things, so I could not have been more pleasantly surprised to find this place so nearby.

This sign greeted us on the front porch. I was confused and intrigued by what a Mucky Duck might naturally I knew I had to get one.

This is what you see when you walk in. So wonderful!

This is the Mucky Duck. And I can easily say that it was a great decision. Latte with chocolate, hazelnut, and carmel. I got mine with soy milk. It was fantastic. One interesting thing that they do here is make their lattes with crushed ice instead of cubed ice. Shouldn't really make a difference, right? Wrong. This actually pretty significantly changed the texture of the drink.

Got to spend some time enjoying my drink out on a picnic table by the sound.

Definitely going back here ASAP.

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